International Music Festival Genova

International Music Festival in Genoa

1° International Digital Music Festival

September 2020

International Music Festival Genova

The International Music Festival is a big international music event that has welcome in past editions groups coming all over the world: Finland, France, Czech Republic, Eston, Bulgary, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Denmark, Israel, Russian and USA.

It’s a very important event for the city of Genoa and Ligurian region because will attend on it thousands people.

In these 4 days, thanks to the precious contribute of the staff composed by Filarmonica Sestrese’s young volunteers , Genoa will become a wide stage where will take place concerts, shows and parades.

The next International Music Festival will be in 2021, from 8 to 11 July. Waiting for the big event, to promote music and encourage the needs of all groups in this particular historical period, we have decided to organize a digital event, the “1st International digital Music Festival 2020 – CLICK-UP THE BAND” .

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