International Music Festival Genova

International Music Festival in Genoa

IX International Music Festival

6th – 9th July 2023

Blasorchester TV Bad Orb – Bad Orb (DE)

The Blasorchester is a division of the TV Bad Orb 1868 e.V. a sports club with about 2000 members, located in Bad Orb, a town near Frankfurt in central Germany.
Fifty musicians make up the main wind orchestra, with our musical repertoire containing newer arrangements of brass band music, popular hits, polkas, marches, walzers, film themes, as well as works of standard classics for wind orchestras.
The conductor, Mr. Ryszard Soberka is a trained, professional musician, born and educated in Poland.
We perform at various events in our town, as well as at sports and music festivals in Germany and have even played in other European countries.
The musical training of our budding young musicians, beginning for some even at the age of five, is carried out mainly by members of the orchestra itself, all of whom are non-professionals but who are continuing their musical studies on a
regular basis. In this early stage the youngsters learn to listen to sounds and how to react and move to them rhythmically. Subsequently the children learn to play the flute, then receive private tuition in the wind or percussion instrument of their
choice. The chance of being tutored professionally is usually happily taken in order to improve their musical skills on their chosen instrument.

The Bad Orb Blasorchester also maintains a youth orchestra (Jugend-Orchester) which is also directed by Ryszard Soberka and is made up of young people aged between ten and fifteen years. Here the children gain the necessary experience
for their future membership in the Blasorchester itself.

A very small group – the Kärrners Buam – with a very special Bavarian repertoire is another formation within the club.




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