International Music Festival Genova

International Music Festival in Genoa

IX International Music Festival

6th – 9th July 2023

Itzehoer Jugend-Spielmannszug von 1924 e.V. Steel Pan Band

The Steel Pan Orchestra was actually supposed to be the second mainstay of our cultural association and pave the way for young musicians to start making music. It has quickly grown up and the musicians in the orchestra rehearse with great enthusiasm twice a week.

The Steel Pan Orchestra offered all members the opportunity to actively play their musical hobby for flutes and wind instruments during the compulsory break.
With the differently tuned barrels, which range from the soprano voice to the bass, there is a great sound volume, which can certainly compete with a conventional orchestra.
When selecting the pieces, the musicians build on a broad repertoire in order to inspire the audience at the first concert, which was actually planned in Bad Orb in September, and which has now also fallen victim to the Corona Virus.

But the rehearsals are running again and since the hygiene and distance rules allow it, people always meet in different group compositions with 10 musicians for the orchestra rehearsal in the “singer’s home” in Itzehoe.
We are hoping for further relaxation and perhaps a performance with the marching band or with the Steel Pan Orchestra, in order to inspire the audience in Itzehoe with our special sounds.





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