International Music Festival Genova

International Music Festival in Genoa

1° International Digital Music Festival

September 2020

Coro Monti Liguri

Founded in 1990, having already had a few years of tradition in choral singing among friends, the Monti Liguri choir is a mixed formation that mainly practices mountain singing, usually for male choirs, revealing new executive and expressive solutions. The repertoire also includes Italian regional songs, Genoese dialect, liturgical and Christmas songs; some harmonizations and compositions are original.
The choir, with an evolving staff and now comprising about thirty elements, has its operational headquarters at Villa Viganego in via Merano 3, Genoa Sestri, with the kind hospitality of the AFMA association (support for Alzheimer’s patients and their families).
The activity consists of concerts for entertainment, cultural promotion and popular song dissemination (with constant availability to welcome new aspiring choristers and carry out musical education activities), often for charity.
Since its foundation, the choir has held over 450 concerts, many of which in the context of twinning and reviews in which the choir was a guest or organizer. We remember in particular in 2007 the participation in the tenth edition of the International Choirs Festival “Alta Pusteria”, in 2010 the great 6 choir concert for the celebration of twenty years of activity, in 2019 the participation in the review “Choirs in the Abbey” in the cathedral of Carrara, and finally the six editions of the review “Cor(r)i a Ponente”, organized by the choir itself from 2014 to 2019. In 2020 it is the thirtieth anniversary of its foundation, whose celebration with some special themed concerts, focusing on the history of the choir, is postponed to 2021 due to the health emergency. Even during the lockdown period, the choir carried out remote activities and produced as many as 9 virtual choirs, on its own or for digital events of the Municipality of Genoa and ACOL Liguria.
The main concert occasions consist of: events promoted by the Municipality of Genoa and the “Medio Ponente” and “Ponente” Municipalities, also in collaboration with other associations and local authorities; popular festivals, voluntary initiatives, patronal feasts; twinning, collaborations and musical exchanges with other choirs; choral reviews in Liguria region or nationally, especially the “Ligurian Conference of the Choral” promoted every year by the ACOL; and its own review for popular choirs with mixed voices “Cor(r)i a Ponente”, for the enhancement of popular a cappella singing with mixed voices, of which six editions were held, with public success and high quality of the hosted choirs, from other Italian regions.
These are the most significant events in the history of the Monti Liguri choir, at the date of the profile: 1994-2006 – 9 participations in the Sectional Parties of the A.N.A. of Genoa, from 1994 to 2006; 1995-2016 – 20 participations in the Ligurian Choral Conference, promoted by ACOL (Ligurian section of Feniarco): Albenga (1995), Campomorone (1997), Rapallo (1998), Ruta di Camogli (1999), S. Margherita Ligure ( 2000, 2001), Genoa-Nervi (2004, 2010 and 2014), Albenga (2006), Savignone (2007), Ossegna di Maissana (2008), Mele (2009), Acquasanta (2011), Rapallo (2012), Sori ( 2013), Genoa-Pegli (2015), Chiavari (2016); Ponzone (2018); Castelnuovo Magra (2019); 1996 – participation in the first “National Choir Festival” of S. Stefano d’Aveto, ranking second in the category of popular amateur choirs; 1998-2019 – recurring animation of official events of the Genoa Medio Ponente Municipality, such as “Christmas Sestrese”, “Carnival Sestrese” and “Festa dei Parchi”, and Genoa Ponente Municipality, such as the annual meetings with the community of Carloforte, in Genoa -Pegli and in Carloforte itself, and the cultural events of the “Pegli Live” association; 2001 – concert at the invitation of the Italian community of Vaduz – Liechtenstein; 2002 – participation as guest choir at the national choir festival “A Lanterna” in Savignone (GE); 2004 – participation in the choral concert in via Garibaldi entitled to the “Ligurians in the world”, promoted by ANBIMA and the Region Liguria in the framework of Genoa Capital of Culture 2004; 2007 – participation in the “Alta Pusteria” Choir Festival; 2011 – animation of the “Notte Tricolore”, official event of the Municipality of Genoa for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy; 2011 – participation in the International Choir Festival “Cantate Croatia”, Pula, Croatia; 2012 – Genoa-Carloforte, Calasetta and Carloforte (CI) friendship concerts; 2013 – participation in the “Corisettembre” Review, Acqui Terme (AL); 2014 – participation in the Spring Choral Festival “Voices of the Serchio”, Castelnuovo Garfagnana (LU); 2015-2017 – official musical accompaniment of the meetings between the representations of Genoa Pegli and Carloforte (CI), in memory of Tabarch’s history; 2016 – participation in the Choral Review “The Voice as an Instrument”, Bologna; 2017 – participation in the Choral Review “Summer Notes”, Duino (TS); 2017 – participation in the “30th Choir Festival”, Casapinta (BI); 2018 – participation in the “Spring Concert” of the Sestese Alpine Choir in Sesto Calende (VA); 2018 – participation in acting and singing in the theatrical work “The last days of humanity” by Karl Kraus for the centenary of the Great War, directed by A. Ansaldo; 2019 – participation in the “Autumn Festival” of the EsseTi Major choir of Scandiano (RE); 2019 – participation in the review of the Aurora Montis choir in Pratrivero (BI); 2019 – participation in the “Canti in Abbazia” choral festival of the CAI choir of Carrara; 2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019 – organization of six editions of the festival for popular choirs with mixed voices “Cor(r)i a Ponente”, in Genoa Cornigliano, Genoa Voltri, Genoa Pegli (three times) and Genoa Sestri Ponente ; 2020 – participation with virtual choir in “Chiese in Musica in Rete”, a special edition promoted by the Municipality of Genoa, and in a special edition of the Middle West Municipality on local associations; 2020 – participation with 20 virtual cantata choirs for video spots in support of the Gaslini hospital, promoted by ACOL Liguria.



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