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September 2020

Filarmonica Sestrese

Founded on May 27, 1845 with a resolution of the Municipality of Sestri Ponente, Filarmonica Sestrese was born mainly as a music school “with the laudable intent to remove that numerous youth from the street in Sestri Ponente, and therefore from idleness”, carrying out its task social and cultural for over a century and a half of uninterrupted activity and becoming one of the most important associations operating in the field of culture and social solidarity in Genoa.
In 1847, the band performed the hymn composed by G. Mameli for the first time in Oregina. In 1848 he accepted the invitation of Giuseppe Garibaldi passing through Sestri Ponente to “donate a million guns to the homeland”, organizing a great evening of dancing and collecting a large proceeds. From 1850 the direction of the band was entrusted to the very young Maestro Casimiro Corradi, who took care of it so thoroughly that it became one of the largest and most important in Italy, and also directed some operas at the Carlo Felice Theater. In 1872 the band accompanied the body of G. Mazzini to the cemetery of Staglieno, they also took part in the laying of the first stone of the monument that Genoa dedicated to him in Piazza Corvetto, on 5 September 1880; on the occasion of the ceremony, G. Garibaldi sent an autographed commemorative parchment to the Filarmonica Sestrese. In 1887, during the launch of a warship, the band played the “Movimento di valzer”, composed by G. Puccini, in the Sestri shipyards, which was then transformed into the famous Musetta waltz of the “Bohème” by G. Puccini. A few months later, it was commissioned to perform the song “Avanti!” Urania! ” on the occasion of the launch of the ship of the same name, again written by the great composer. In 1888 Filarmonica Sestrese welcomed Maestro G. Verdi with the piece “Toast from Otello”, played for the first time by a band.
In the following decades, the association joined many charitable, solidarity and cooperation initiatives throughout Italy.

In 1925 it participated in the celebrations for the Jubilee of Vittorio Emanuele III, playing on the Quirinale Square. It was also invited to all the ceremonies in the Sestresi shipyards for the launching of large ships: Giulio Cesare, Augustus, Rex, Rome, etc. Invited by the Maritime Union, on 4 November 1934 it inaugurated the Monument to the Sailor of Brindisi. In 1951 he participated in the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of Verdi’s death with a great concert in Piazza della Vittoria in Genoa, directed by Maestro Armando La Rosa Parodi. 1984 it played in front of the Quirinal Palace in Rome and one of his delegations was welcomed by the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini in the cuirassiers hall.

The band, which today boasts 175 years of uninterrupted activity, performs in numerous concerts with the execution of an eclectic program that develops on different genres of music suitable to meet the needs of a wide variety of audiences. From the concert in the theater, for the most demanding listeners, to the one in the square that even an audience less in contact with musical environments can approach. It has four music ensembles: the Wind and percussion orchestra, the Youth Orchestra, The Big Band and the Junior Band.



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