International Music Festival Genova

International Music Festival in Genoa

IX International Music Festival

6th – 9th July 2023

Majorettes Starlight Ferentum

The Majorettes Ferentum were born over 40 years ago in Grotte S. Stefano, a hamlet of Viterbo, together with the Ferentum Musical Band. The Majorettes Ferentum continued to be an integral part of the country’s musical band until 2010, when they decided to become autonomous by forming the new group called Starlight Ferentum. The Majorettes Starlight Ferentum have thus continued to bring their choreographies in multiple squares and on many other occasions such as the Carnival of Orbetello in 2017, village festivals, sporting and charity events such as The day for Arquata del Tronto on 01 July 2017. They participated in the Majorettes National Competition in Faleria in 2010, 2011, 2012.

In December 2016 they participated in the Christmas in Casperia and every year in the event of the Longest Sock in the World in Viterbo.

At the moment the whole group made up of over 25 elements (cadets, seniors and Junior), actively and profitably participate in organized Anbima / MWF courses.

At the First National Competition for Majorettes Sport MWF in Giulianova 2016 five out of five girls qualified for the European Championship in Puchov Slovakia on 07 08 09 10 July. From 21 to 25 September they took part in the Porec World Championships in Croatia.

At the II Italian Championship of Majorettes Sport year 2017 conquered 4 first places in the junior and senior mini-training and only in the cadet and senior ponpom and qualifications for the 14th European championship which took place in Giulianova from 22 to 25 June 2017, confirming excellent performances.

At the Magic Christmas in Rome on December 17, 2017, the group achieved 6 first places in all the categories presented (senior and junior miniformation, cadet and senior Christmas choreography, only senior baton and only senior ponpom). It also won the coveted award for the best Christmas choreography presented.

At the III Italian Majorettes Sport Championship 2018 year 4 first places (only senior pompom, trio junior and classic ponpom cadets, only twirling), 1 second place (only pompon cadets) and 2 third places (senior miniformation and cadet stick only) with qualification at the European and World Championships in Cape Town.

At the IV Italian Majorettes Sport Championship year 2019, 3 first places were obtained (only twirling, duo pomp cadets, group cadets), 3 second places and 3 third places.

Since 2004 the Group has been followed by the instructor Monica Rizzi to whom all her gratitude is due for the professionalism and the results achieved. As a group he has been a member of Anbima since 2011. The president is Ms Tiziana Galbo.



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